Books Currently On Their Way To The Salvation Army: A Tribute

April 28th, 2010

Only a book-lover can understand the feeling accompanied with giving away a book. The smell, the cover art, the marginalia…

It’s not that I planned to read these again. Or because they’re a nice start to the multi-level library I dream of having some day, complete with No. 1 Rolling Ladders.

I think for me, they mark the passing of time. I’d describe them as being akin to the songs or scents that can instantly trigger a memory. The details of the plots, characters and endings have long faded away, but the book as an item is somehow my link to the past.

So, here’s to you, books of my past. Here’s to your company late into the night, your unfailing ability to transport me to other places, your humor, and your honesty. And without you, I’d probably be addicted to video games. So with love, and blessings, I send you on to whoever buys books at the Salvation Army.


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  • I see Miss Julie of the Wolves is on her way to the Salvation Army, I’m especially going to miss her. She’s survived in the wild though, she can make this journey into the wide world of second-hand books just fine.

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