11 Days

May 10th, 2010

In 11 days, we’ll be boarding a plane to Auckland, New Zealand.

With a one-way ticket.

The process thus far has been tedious. We’ve gone through medical exams, questions of income, and rustling up copies of our bills to prove Keith and I are actually married and living together. We’ve spent time traveling to see as many friends and family members as possible. And we’ve purged our apartment of miscellaneous and forgettable belongings.

Now I’m actually starting to visualize myself being there, although that can be hard when you’re going on second-hand information.

While we’re waiting for our belongings to make the 6-8 week trip via boat, we’ll be staying in a week-to-week rental in downtown Auckland.

The Metropolis, our temporary home

I’m sure the views will be amazing, although living in a much smaller place than we’re used to will be an adjustment. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to lug my laptop to a cafe overlooking the harbor. Darn.

  • I’ll join you with my laptop 🙂 It’s going to be an adventure (or so I keep telling myself)!

  • Uh oh! I didn’t realize your place would be too small for you and your laptop! At least the rental rates for closets are reasonable these days…

  • Thanks for your comment over at WR. And OMG, you’re moving to NZ? Freakin’ cool, mate!

  • Oh darn…coffee shop overlooking the harbor. You make me want to smack you because I’m so jealous.
    P.S. Where did you find all these cute little illustrations? E, I’m in love

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