3 Days

May 18th, 2010

The movers have been here today and yesterday, working their magic. They’re like the opposite of entropy, moving matter from disorder to order (at least everything becomes cubic and labeled)). Shazam!

They’re doing the packing because we were told that shipments packed and insured by a moving company are more likely to clear customs without a hitch.

Because I may have packed my neighbors, and their dogs, and customs knows the moving company would do no such thing.

I’m feeling sad today, almost on the verge of tears. I feel like an immigrant back in the day when leaving family, familiarity, and everything else meant leaving them forever. I know that’s just a silly idea, because of course transpacific traveling is easier than it was 100 years ago. But you wouldn’t know it from how I’m feeling today.

On top of that I think I’ve got a condo to clean. Sad.

  • Don’t be sad – we always will have Facebook. 🙂

  • You poor dear! I feel for you 🙂 I had a hard time not crying on the day that we left – first when I hugged all of my family, then on the drive to the airport with my parents, then when the plane took off… it went on and on! It’s okay to have an out and out cry, but I can tell you that what you’re coming to is gorgeous and not too unfamiliar! And Skype is fantastic – we’ve already video-chatted with family aaaaand I chatted on Skype voice with my brother in Kansas, who has Skype on his phone. So cool and easy.

    What day/time do you guys arrive?

  • Having one’s life packed into boxes is such a weird thing. I love the feeling at first – until I think about all the unpacking (blahhh).

    I think mourning the place and people where you live is normal and probably healthy. We still mourn our hometowns and sometimes, surprisingly, Arkansas. You must have enjoyed the life you are leaving and the people you surrounded yourself with, who spoke into your life and made you feel at home.

    Some days are like this. Tomorrow you might say, “Let’s get the heck out of this town!”

  • Jenny-

    Thank you for your kind words! We arrive in NZ on Sat morning, just after 5am. Ug. I’m guessing you arrived around the same time?

    Kathy and Jim – I miss you both, thank you for your comments!

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