Let Me Eat Cake

May 10th, 2010

I’m sure you’ve been here before.

A vow to floss every day. Even when it’s 2am. Even when you’re on vacation. Even while camping in a rainforest outside of Peru.

A promise to run every morning. In below-freezing temperatures. In spandex. In the morning.


A declaration that you’ll only be eating fresh produce, quality proteins, and tree nuts daily—even though at the moment you barely use your frozen foods before they expire.

I’m blessed with a fast metabolism, so it has been easy to ignore the harm in consuming so many processed, fat-tastic, sugar-rific foods. But for health’s sake, I’m ready to try and kick the habit; as well as up my intake of water and vitamins.

As someone who appreciates good health and veggies, my sister has done a great deal to encourage this new goal. She’s responsible for designing the eat-by-numbers pad shown above. I’m sure the finished product would look nicer if I spent the time coloring in each serving with a coordinating marker, but let’s face it, eating these things is work enough.

I appreciate that the vitamin/supplement servings could be mistaken for Girl Scout cookies, or chocolate éclairs. That’s at least something to work with.

  • You should translate that into an iPhone app!

  • I love this chart so much, I just printed it our and taped it to the wall on my desk at work. Hopefully it will encourage me to drink more water and eat the fruit I bring…and not just make me feel guilty.

  • I feel like I need a chart for tweezing my eyebrows…somehow I always get behind on that!

  • Your blog is gorgeous, and you think like me. Well, a thinner version of me. Remember, only floss the teeth you want to keep.

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