Lost In Translation

May 24th, 2010

Pardon my late update!

I’m Officially On An AARP Schedule
Lately, around 8:30pm, my vision starts to blur and my mind begins to shut down.

But I’m getting progressively better. Tonight I’m going for the ungodly hour of 9:30pm.

Food That Goes Bump In The Night
The peanut butter we bought has the consistency and taste of what I would call peanut-flavored Crisco. Keith thinks I’m exaggerating, but I kid you not, it’s whipped vegetable oil with a handful of nuts thrown in. Other unusual food differences include:

• Eggs displayed and sold unrefrigerated

• Self-serve bins of live mussels

• Milk sold as original taste (whole), light (1%), and trim (skim)

An Americano, And Such As
An Americano, my go-to drink in the U.S., is called a Long Black here (a single shot of espresso is called a Short Black). If you ask for cream, you’ll get real, yellow, bubbly, buttery cream. Thankfully, they threw in a side of warm milk, too; perhaps hoping they could entice me away from suckling directly from the cow.

So, I’ve gone from “An Americano with room for cream, to-go”


“A Long Black with milk, take-away.” Except usually I manage to jumble it, or end up concentrating so hard I find myself staring at a fixed point over the barista’s head. I should practice more, in the mirror, to avoid any more unnecessary Miss South Carolina moments.

I Guess We’ll Stay
Overall, I’m really enjoying the city, the people, and the little cultural differences keeping me on my toes. The country is really not as backwards as people made it out to be, offering a mix of what I would find akin to the West Coast and Europe.

There’s so much more to share, but hey, look at the time!

  • wait until you buy mayonnaise … it’s the consistency of greek yogurt. should have packed some …

  • Look at you! You’re a kiwi now. The egg thing is totally awesome because it means they’re fresh. When we buy our eggs at a farm they don’t refridgerate them because they don’t have to ship them across the country, and it’s so much better to bake and cook with room temp eggs.
    The peanut butter thing? That’s just gross.

  • Ha! I can just picture the coffee-shop episode.

    Tell me you weren’t at a Starbucks…? Hopefully not!

    Enter stage left BrandConsistencyMan, flying to the rescue 🙂

  • Hey, don’t knock brand consistency! The one thing McDonalds (err…excuse me, Keith….Burger King) has going for it is that you can have (relatively) the same tasting burger around the world. Not fancy, sure, but when you need a little anchor to “home” or “your childhod” or even “last Monday”, it’ll do the trick!

  • Yeah, you’ll have to use Vegemite instead of peanut butter now. Also, as you assimulate, you will switch over to the flat white. Welcome to Aotearoa, my love.

  • That cream story was hilarious 🙂

  • Don’t worry Jim, I totally meant BrandConsistencyMan as a good guy! We wouldn’t be able to make it in the graphic design business if we didn’t beleive in BC. 🙂

  • No matter what they say don’t eat the eggs:-(

  • oooo! Yes, please. I like trim milk!!

  • You should make your own peanut butter. Just peanuts and a dash of salt and blend to desired consistency. I like using honey roasted peanuts…

  • Mike and I were just traveling around NZ for the last 6 weeks. We found some great peanut butter (the real deal!) It’s calles Pic’s and it’s made in Nelson. They sell it at the farmer’s market there and we also found it in some grocery stores. Hope you can find it too! The other stuff they try to pass off as PB is just gross. 🙂

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