The Sign That Should Have Been

May 27th, 2010

Today, I found myself discussing the Great Lakes, Chevrolet subsidiaries, and the New Zealand economy over coffee with complete strangers, still in their pajamas. You’d think Keith and I were long-lost relatives, seeing how they took us in; giving us a short history of their home, sharing their coming travel plans, and overall acting as if they couldn’t be happier to see us.

Nevermind our electric-blue rental car stuck in the driveway of their very posh—and precariously situated— home.

To summarize, Keith and I were on mission to view a rental property nestled with several other homes at the bottom of a very steep driveway, slick with rain and leaves. Rather than walk down said driveway, we drove. Isn’t that so very American of us? Who walks down a driveway when one can drive?

Soon, our wheels were spinning, and in good hope of getting a running start back up the hill, we instead slid our way deeper and deeper down the hill until the car was completely wedged against the house at the very end of the driveway (and next to the rental property).

Keith: We’ll just, back into this spot, and then have enough traction to get out.
Eby: What if we knock down that house, next to the spot?
Keith: Not helpful.
Eby: Yup. I need to get out. I don’t want to be in the car while you gun it.
Keith: Ok. Go stand up the hill, far up the hill. Please.
Eby walks away from the car, then back.
Eby: What should I do if something goes wrong, and you’re unconscious?
Keith: Sigh. Call 111 (equivalent to 911)
Eby: Ok. On the cell phone we don’t have. Got it. Hope you don’t die.
Keith: Thanks for the support, sweetie!

But no worries! These wonderful neighbors dashed to our rescue; calling their AA service (something like AAA), entertaining us over coffee while we waited, and untimely ensuring that our car was removed without damage.

Keith thinks it was a nice way to make friends.

I was, and am, beyond embarrassed. If we end up moving into the rental next door to this couple, I’ll not be able to rest until I bake them a million cookies.

Every. Single. Thursday.

  • Wow- they sound totally charming and hospitable, as I’m positive they found you both to be as well! I’m with Keith on this one: nice way to make friends. 🙂 Although I suppose I’m with you, too, because having any reason to feel compelled to bake them millions of cookies is also a great way to make friends.

    I was so excited to wake up this morning and see your post. It’s SO NICE to be able to follow along with youNAND Keith in NZ- glad to have a sister who’s such a good writer and entertaining storyteller blogging this adventure. Keep the posts coming!

    Love you!

  • HAHAH! I’m speechless. 🙂 Sounds like a good first episode of “The Immigrants” to me!

  • Oh my word! I have to admit that I burst out laughing when I read this. I would have been MORTIFIED, and it’s just the sort of thing that I could see happening to me and Chris. I’m glad that no one was hurt and that you didn’t have to call 111. It’s really sweet that the homeowners had you in for coffee! You’ll definitely have to bake them some yummy cookies if you move in next door 🙂

  • I’ve heard the Kiwis are known the world over for their hospitality……. What a wonderful adventure It will be to get to know them!

  • My suggestion: rent a 4×4. Or, is that also an American thing (wouldn’t surprise me if it was!).

  • Great story, Erin! I’m proud to have two very intelligent and funny daughters! By the way, I’m also with Keith, what a great way to meet people, even if it was unplanned! Must be a guy thing.

  • This is awesome. I have a really good cookie recipe if you need it 😉

  • […] Speaking of which, we signed a lease!  It’s in a great location – only a 10 minute walk to Chris’ office and a short drive to the motorway – and it’s a perfect size.  It has a modern kitchen, all of the appliances, a large great room, it’s near to things that I’m interested in (a library, museums, shopping) and has plenty of windows and natural light.  We’re doing a walk-through on Tuesday to make sure that any maintenance issues are taken care of prior to our move-in date of June 7th.  I’m thankful for our relocation agent, Liz, and grateful to God that we were able to find something without much difficulty (unlike my poor friend, Erin!  Read about her crazy story here!). […]

  • Ok if I didn’t love you before, I love you now…I can’t stop laughing!
    Gosh I wish I was there to pace with you Eby and chip in with those sarcastic remarks, really I do.
    ps this looks like a good cookie recipe, lol:

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