The Undiscovered Country Next To The Netherlands

May 12th, 2010

Some really intelligent people have a hard time with geography.

That doesn’t mean it has to be me. Or you.

I’ve had more than one person, I’m sure with only good intentions, exclaim they know exactly where New Zealand is located.

In Europe. Next to The Netherlands. Somewhereinthere.


Do they speak English?

Do they have Starbucks?

There’s a million resources dedicated to teaching geography. Most of them throw in fun facts and photos, but I prefer the simple approach of this online geography quiz.

It’s stylistically challenged, enjoys reading the encyclopedia, and may perform in a marching band. But it knows where Kermanshah is.

(I was homeschooled, so I may say such things.)

Even if you’re a geography buff, this may be a good refresher. If you’re feeling brave, post which quiz you took and your score.

And yes, New Zealand has Starbucks.

  • ha! my brother-in-law had an all out war with those geography quizzes one (less than sober) night at a family get together. i won (by a hair). good fun 🙂

    p.s. found you via your comment on the Obama speech article at BlogHer. i laughed out loud at the hfcs analogy.

  • Oh my gosh! I have had SO MANY PEOPLE ask me, “Isn’t it really cold in New Zealand?” or, “It’s way up north, isn’t it?!”

    I think they’re getting it confused with either Norway or Newfoundland or Greenland. They’re always shocked when I say “Uh, no… it’s a sub-tropical climate. And it’s actually waaaay South, like South of Australia”. It’s pretty funny 🙂

  • 142 out of 144 for Europe! Just call me Geo Girl! (er…maybe you should wait until I conquer Africa…)

  • the name “NEW ZEALAND”

    ever wondered where the OLD ZEALAND is?

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Zealand Native name: Sjælland

    The Cliffs of Stevns south of Copenhagen

    Location Baltic Sea
    Coordinates 55°30?N 11°45?E? / ?55.5°N 11.75°E? / 55.5; 11.75
    Area 7,031 km2 (2,714.7 sq mi)
    Region Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand
    Largest city Copenhagen (pop. 1,181,239)
    Population 2,164,217 (as of 2010)
    Density 307.8 /km2 (797.2 /sq mi)
    Not to be confused with Zeeland, the Dutch province which New Zealand is named after.
    For other uses, see Zealand (disambiguation).
    Zealand (also Sealand; Danish: Sjælland; pronounced [????læn?]) is the largest island (7,031 km²) of Denmark (the 95th-largest island in the world). Zealand is connected to Funen by the Great Belt Bridge and to Sweden by the Oresund Bridge.

    so they are not that far off the mark, just not up to date with the newest release of Zealand!


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