Go Ahead, Take A Squiz!

June 4th, 2010

As expected, Kiwis have their own set of choice words and colloquialisms, of which I’m still working to master.

Some are just shortened, hybrid words, which I’m totally into.

“How about some brekkie?”

“When do you plan to visit your rellies?”

“Apply here to update your vehicle rego.”

“I’ll be attending uni this fall.”

And then some are just different:

“This rental comes complete with whiteware!”

“Park your trundler here.”
(shopping cart)

“My Mum has a bach on the beach.”
(vacation home)

Sweet as!”

“Why don’t you go have a squiz upstairs?”

This was a suggestion one of the realtors aimed at me while touring a house.

Wait, you want me to do what upstairs?

“Go take a squiz, have a look around.”

I had to surpress a smile and just looked at Keith with a shrug. He took it as an opportunity to ask how many bathrooms the house had.

  • I. Love. This. and YOU!
    ha I’m laughing

  • I know – some of them really throw you!

  • I liked “Hey mate! Chase me up on the mobile! Cheers!” left as a message from an interviewer. Very friendly, and with just enough of a twist that you have translate a bit…

  • hahahah! you should have replied to the squiz comment with , ” ‘scuse? “

  • Love the blog. Want more photos of NZ.

    USA already misses you.

  • This doesn’t have a lot to do with your post, but I am commenting to say that I love your site design. My husband is also a graphic designer, and your style (lines and use of space in particular) is similar to his while still being decidedly unique and feminine. It is pretty. I’d hire you, if that wouldn’t get me a divorce. That is all, carry on. 🙂

  • I’m so excited to read your blog. My husband and I are thinking of moving to England, and I like seeing the experiences that other Americans have with moving to other countries. I hope you continue to settle in well!

  • They found a way to make English even lazier!

  • New Zealand is perfect for you. Now people will stop looking at you strangely when you randomly abbreviate words! =)

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