How My iPad Saved Dinner

June 23rd, 2010

Even after Keith handed me a shiny new iPad a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure I needed one.

Eh. What you have to go through when your spouse is addicted to Apple. Am I right?

But as any good wife would, I accepted the gift. I download a few books. I flashed it a few times in public.

And yet, I wasn’t convinced it was adding to my everyday life.

Until tonight.

I’m not much of a cook, which will become glaringly obvious in a second. But in the name of health and frugality, I’ve committed to cooking dinner almost every night.

Tonight was cannelloni, and begrudgingly, I opened the recipe on my iPad. The first major hurdle? Cooking spinach. How does one cook spinach? Shall I run three rooms over to look up the answer on my laptop? Enlarge and endlessly scroll on my iPhone?

iPad: You can google that right here. You can even watch a tutorial on YouTube.
Eby: Dang you. Anyway, I know how to cook spinach.
iPad: Mmmmhmmmm. Then why are you mashing it with a cheese slicer?

Needless to say, I googled it, on my iPad. Luckily, someone out there took the time to explain the process. It was kind of nice and made me feel like Tony Stark in his totally high-tech kitchen. Thank you iPad.

Eby: What is 375ºF in celsius?
iPad: Blirinnnnng! 190ºC. You’re welcome.

Eby: What do these ancient runes on my oven dial mean?

iPad: Shazamo! Here’s the instruction manual.

And on this went, until I had a perfectly edible pan of cannelloni.

My husband was happy. He ate his entire plate of food, then ran over to his iPad to purchase more Apple stock.

I told him he had been right all along.

The things we do for those we love.

And by the way, I was in no way compensated for my review of this product. But if you work for Apple, we can talk.

  • Oh, how I loved this post! I totally identify: both with the begrudging acceptance of new tech gear only to find that I totally love it, and with the step-by-step help I often need in the kitchen.

    Maybe I’ll have to send Lucas a link to this post. “Hint, hint, Honey- we have an anniversary coming up. I know you just HATE to buy me new tech gadgets, but how about a new iPad? Eby says it actually SAVES you money to buy this because it facilitates cooking at home more!”

    LOVE IT!

  • Hahahaha! Excellent work. Not only have you surreptitiously pushed the men toward extravagant gifts, but also secured a PhD in Runes. Hermione Granger needs to watch her back. Can the iPad also give tutorials on how to navigate by the stars? I mean, in case you ever have to run from Lord Voldemort with only your iPad to help you.

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