I’ve Been Busy

June 20th, 2010

We’re in our long-term rental as of Friday. The people who lived here before us forgot to pack all of the hairballs in our shower drain.

So yeah. I’ve been busy.

We’ll be without internet for a few days, so please, just imagine me eating donuts and listening to Dr. Laura, because that’s what I’d rather be doing.

  • Ewwww……

  • Good luck with the cleaning!

  • Oh my gracious goodness…that picture almost made me pee my pants.

    I think this is the perfect chance to test if those Kiwi’s really are the nicest people in the world – invite them over for tea and some sweet-as hairballs, and see if they’re still friends.

  • p.s. I miss Dr. Laura

  • If you save some of that maybe Obama may send a boat by for use in with the oil spill.

  • We had the same problem in Sydney! We have a nice place, but our landlord’s idea of acceptable cleanliness for a new tenant were on a whole different plane than mine!

  • Ha,Ha,Ha! Good Luck!

  • try the iheartradio app on your iphone. it’s free and you can get dr. laura.

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