My First Haka

June 14th, 2010

On Saturday, Keith called me over to the TV to watch the New Zealand Maori team perform the Haka (a Maori war cry) before a rugby match.

Thankfully, I was at a good stopping point in The Gulag Archipelago, in it’s original Russian.

I wish.

The performance was impressive. I can see why it has been used as a pre-game tool of intimidation for over 100 years.

I also think it could really take off as an alternative to Jazzercise.

  • Oh Erin HOW I love you and reading your blog, makes my day. Give your hubby a hug and have a great day. Love and Prayers Aunt Deb

  • I think the Haka is awesome. I’m getting up early tomorrow to see if the NZ soccer team does it before their match. It’s too bad our version of the haka is line dancing…

  • How coincidental! And, I thought I was the only one I knew reading the “Gulag” in the original Russian.
    I think you nailed the Haka alternative, though.

  • It’s funny that you posted this – I *just* finished watching a pretty decent rugby movie called “Forever Strong”. It’s a true-ish story about a rugby team in Utah and their team tradition is to do a haka prior to every match also…

  • Ha! The Haka!

    Some crazy Biola guys used to do the Haka almost every Saturday afternoon on McNally field. Not to our surprise however, as most of them were of the “Stewart” breed.

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