You Are The Coffee Ring On The Tablecloth

July 30th, 2010

Today, according to a flyer I picked up at a local restaurant, is National Poetry Day in New Zealand.

In honor of such a day, I’d like to share a poem by my favorite poet, Billy Collins.

He’s funny. And in this poem, he’s actually making light of someone else’s poem. This is, poetically speaking, something like tagging this poor poet’s garage door with neon green spray paint. But that’s just Billy. I know, because we’re friends, in kind of a one-way-friendship sort of way. I’m just waiting to get a call from him at 2am to go toilet paper some other unsuspecting poet’s yard.

Here he is, reading Litany. Enjoy:

  • Oh my word! That is so funny!

  • Awwww! Dearest Billy, how I adore thee.

  • Your humor makes me smile. And Billy Collins? My favorite. Marginalia in particular. I also agree with your theory on productivity & elastic waist pants. You’re onto something. 🙂

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