I’m Expecting Souvenirs

August 30th, 2010

I’m sorry to keep dwelling on our empty house; it’s just that I thought I’d have my furniture by now. Instead, it has been delayed again. The transport company believes the ship will arrive in port by September 9, with delivery of the container to our home around September 12.

That’s 4 months from the day we sealed the doors of our container.

That’s 1/3 of a year living with 2 camping chairs, 2 folding tables, and one queen mattress.

Apparently, our container has been busy touring the ports of New York, Italy, and Singapore. I’m expecting souvenirs. Like a Vespa or Marc Jacobs bag. Or, something from Singapore.

Maybe chewing gum?

No, forget it.

Once our container is delivered, a bio-security agent will be on site to check over anything ever in contact with dirt, plants or animals.

That means Christmas decorations, hiking boots, tents, etc.

And yes, we happened to pack each of those things. And no, we were unaware these would be flagged as bio-security goodies. There will be an extra charge to examine each item.

I’m not really looking forward to it.

But nothing a few well-chosen souvenirs can’t fix. Especially if one is a Vespa.

  • Souvenirs would be fabulous, especially the Vespa.

    And I know what you mean – our Christmas decorations, my hiking boots, and our sleeping bags were all pulled out and checked. So were our bikes and bike covers. He really wasn’t that fastidious about it, either. Just looked ’em over, brushed off some dirt into an envelope, and said, “OK – it’s fine”.

    I was just talking to Chris about how ridiculous it has been in regards to your stuff. I think I would have twisted Keith’s arm and made him by me some furniture, ha ha!

    Looking forward to Friday!

  • And by “by me some furniture”, I really meant “buy me some furniture”. Whoops!

  • Better cross your fingers there aren’t any stow-away rodents or insects bringing their families on a “grand continental cruise” in your container… 🙂 Let’s just hope the bio-security guy checks their passports!

  • I can’t believe this crazy ordeal. It’ll definitely make a better story in the long run. Hope you’re having fun with your family at least and can sit on their chairs for a change of pace! 🙂

  • oh man i cannot believe how long they are taking with your furniture!! just ridiculous. ah well, once it finally arrives you’ll have to throw a house warming party 🙂

  • Maybe they never left Michigan and found thier way to a rual farm house in northern Indiana….where they will be held hostage till we see you again…………..hummmmmmmmmm or maybe not. Hope you get surprized and it comes sooner.

  • we look forward to helping you move boxes, set up, and generally be of help!

  • Did it come, Did it come? Too long, no post, Sis!! I miss you. 🙂

    Lucas and I decided this week that we need to start planning now for a trip to NZ. I want to see firsthand what life is like for you and Keith these days. It may take us a while, but we really want to come!

    Miss you!

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