An Award!

December 14th, 2010

What better to be greeted with after months of procrastinating?

Bianca of The Migrating Swans was kind enough to

1) read Eby
2) comment on Eby
3) grant Eby with an award

And there are rules: list 5 little-known facts about myself, then pass on the award to 5 others.

You’re really lucky because I’m pretty sure my 5 little-known facts are as good as what you read about me in the tabloids:

1. I really enjoy reading kids books. In my opinion, they are a part of every well-read adult’s book pile.

2. My handwriting is schizophrenic. I muse over the idea of a handwriting specialist analyzing what my five differing styles of the letter “b” may all mean.

3. My most unusual birthday cake was a giant flaming flan, presented to me in Spain on my 18th. It was rolled out on a table, and it jiggled with wild abandon the entire way toward me.

4. I’m crazy for dessert, even if it was at one point on fire.

5. I would like to learn how to sail. Mostly so I could race my own sunfish in the kiddie-cup and have a 1 in 50 chance of winning.

Step two is giving this award away to sweet people:

New England Noir
In An Opal-Hearted Country
Bring A Raincoat
Never The Same
Wellington Road

But I see it more like a blog-world-high-five, not a chain letter. Which means you don’t have to post the bedazzle badge unless you want to. Just know I like you and you can make me cookies whenever you want.

  • Thank you! So kind.

  • Ah, I’d love to make you some cookies! So nice to see you back in blogland!

  • well, thanks!!! and Happy Holidays to you! 🙂

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