And Other Excuses

December 6th, 2010

Blogging? I’ve been procrastinating.

Which actually means I’ve been pretty darn productive in other areas of life…

Showered almost every day.

Designed things.

Crossed a mountainy expanse in a 10-seater airplane.

Threw dinner parties and regular dinners.

Ironed sheets.

Acted as an interior design consultant.

Got my hair cut.

Fixed the shower head.

Decorated for Christmas.

Celebrated four birthdays.

Hiked a mountain.

Made four batches of homemade Bullseye (peppermint) bark.

Read more than ten books (some of them were written for children).

Panned for gold.

Hosted three sets of house guests.

Watched wild dolphins and penguins in the Tasman Sea.

Waved at my neighbors when they caught me snooping on their house remodel.

Washed my good-butt jeans.

Sat in the Christchurch airport.

Did battle with a couch repairman.

Packed lunches for Keith.

Kicked off my Pilates lessons.

Drank tea with an Indian antique dealer in the middle of his shop.

Made a brie, cranberry and ciabatta sandwich.

Recited the Thanksgiving story for a Kiwi.

Planted plants.

Dug through a recycling bin.

Toured Hobbiton.

Held a bottle for a lamb.

Sent cards home.

Hunted flies.

Made friends.

  • So glad you are getting settled! Christmas at Grandma’s won’t be the same without you guys, but I’ll just pretend you’re there and talk to myself in a corner for an hour or so 🙂 Miss you!!

  • You forgot the most important thing:

    You’ve adopted

    a kitty that is.

    p.s. readers, I can attest that Eby has truly done ALL of those things. Sister’s honor.

  • Hi Eby — I sent you an email from the expat blog. I just read your blogs so will tell a bit more about me. My wife and I moved from Seattle to Florence with our four children (wife pregant with Sofia at the time). After a year, we moved to and are now living in Spain. We are now considering Auckland — We have our children in Waldorf and near Auckland are two Waldorf schools with high schools. Would love to get your perception as an American living in Auckland. We would actually live around Titirangi due to the location of the Waldorfs. Thanks

  • Hi. I’ve been reading your blog for a little while and love to hear what you get up to, so when I received this sweet ‘Blog Award’, I thought I’d award you one too! You can pick it up at my blog. xo

  • You got a kitty! Hooray! 😀

  • Ironed sheets? Wow, I’m impressed! It sounds like you are settling in nicely, which is so good to hear! Miss you!

  • alright alright.

  • yay your blogging again 🙂 haha you should check out my 3 year hiatus.. i prefer to write sporadic blogs/notes on my Facebook page.

    Love the girls nights you’ve organised, its so fun hanging out with you guys and i love your creativity 🙂

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