The Year Of The New

January 23rd, 2011

The prospect of starting a bright, shiny new year never really left me impressed. The idea of buying a gold sequence dress to wear at a roof-top count-down party with a step-and-repeat wall and paparazzi always sounded fun, but never really came to fruition. And my resolutions always seemed to kick in mid-year after a new hair cut failed to satisfy my need for life change.

That’s why it caught me off guard when I felt something this year. Maybe it was standing on the dark beach in humid weather—trying to see fireworks—that struck me as familiar and celebratory. I guess being one of the first to see the new year tumbling through the world was part of it, too.

I was so inspired, I even made a resolution.

But I can’t even remember it anymore. I guess we’ll have to wait until after that hair cut in June.

Christmas, The Sidenote:

Christmas here was less than festive. The tree wilted in the heat and our holiday dinner was orientated around what could be grilled. We did, however, institute poppers as part of our Christmas tradition. It left us feeling rather British, as well as bolstered our stock of really horrible jokes (each popper contains a party hat, trinket, and really cheesy joke

  • Happy New Year! 🙂

  • Yes we have known the joy of the popper for years, it has been a Christmas tradition for us also……….I’ve got pictures:) Some how year after year it never gets old just when you think we may pass on them the little ones think they are awesome:) miss you

  • Well, congrats on the temporary inspiration to make a now-forgotten resolution! 🙂 I think being one of the first places on earth to ring in the New Year is kind of exciting. But then it is awfully anticlimatic to watch the rest of the world ring in theirs the next day!

  • Haha I had no idea until just recently that Christmas crackers were a NZ/Aussie/British type thing! i like them though 🙂

    I can definitely see the appeal of having Christmas in winter though.. provided there’s snow! (my winter Christmas in the States wasn’t even a white one and I was in Philly!)

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